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Spring 2018 to Spring 2023 - CHE 4002 & CHE 4112 Chemical Engineering Lab I & II

Fall 2017 and Fall 2016  - CHE 5743 Chemical Engineering Process Modeling


       Welcome to CHE 5743 Chemical Engineering Process Modeling. This course is designed to bring together graduate students with interdisciplinary engineering backgrounds to promote the understanding and implementation of modeling engineering processes. The lectures and computational laboratory sessions seek to impart the following to students:


1. Basic knowledge about model formulation procedures.


2. Deep understanding about conservation laws in both integral and differential forms.


3. Essential skills to develop transport phenomena models, population balance models, and empirical models.


4. Hand-on experience with analytical and numerical solution techniques.


5. Critical and creative thinking abilities for result interpretations (post-processing steps).



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Class Website on Brightspace by D2L



Spring 2017 and Spring 2021- CHE 5990 Computational Fluid-Particle Dynamics: Basic Theory and Select Chemical and Biomedical Applications



Lecture: MW 8:00am-9:15am | 211B ES

Office Hour: MW 9:30am-10:30am | 420 BP Engineering North

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Class Website on Brightspace by D2L

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